CCK Ventures

Luxury Brands and Services require a more bespoke, hands-on approach.

Our Creative team can work closely with you in the creation and planning of your production. So whether you're a Luxury Hotel, represent a Luxury Brand or simply want to showcase a Luxury Property, our team can assist you with everything you require.

Creative Direction

We assist with concept design and scripting. We can help you to develop the concept and write the necessary scripts to showcase your brand or product following brand guidelines.

Production Planning

We assist with production planning and budgeting. We will read your concept and advise you on a convenient time and cost-effective way to shoot your production with the necessary audiovisual techniques.


For the value of of your vision, we can source voice over artists, actors and models should your production need them.


We provide the necessary equipment to film your production with ease. Should you have specific equipment requirements we can also help you source and rent them.

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